A Good Light Novel Read

The Heavenly Jewel Change capitalize on the intensity of the combating fights, while making a fine art of storytelling. It also makes a good feast of fighting for the fanboys. The humor, the heart touching moments, the development of the characters, all can be found in this series. The characters are varied from miss to hit, with characters that are dug into depth, and characters that are neglected. But nonetheless, this is a still one of a kind series, and such trivial problem can not affect it.
The first half of this series featuring our  main character going through all kind of hardship in his exceptionally hard training regime that takes an awful toll on his body. However, it is the love for the sports that shines all through. When he fights in the ring, it is his love for the sports that make him exceptional, which is rarely seen, as nowadays anime are stressed with power and fights that make the readers rimming on the edge of the seat. As I have said in the beginning, this I s a series blessed with lots of heart, and the authors worked hard enough to give each character a legit reason to turn to boxing. The entire books explore these reasons and motivation really well, give each of the boxers a time to develop as much as they needed. The end of the road is marked with Ippo’s hard earned victory. Now that you are done, we suggest you Heavenly Jewel Change.

This is a book that is suitable for who is looking to join the world of boxing, for the story focuses a lot on the history of boxing, the terms in boxing games, and the techniques of boxing used in the actual sports. No surprise for us reader here since the author was a boxing enthusiast, trainer, and journalist.

Heavenly Jewel Change is the story about Makunouchi Ippo (it is a Japanese name, which means Ippo is his name). He used to be a timid boy who gets bullied a lot in his high school. After one day, someone saves him from being beaten, the man’s name was Takamura. Accidentally, this is a famous boxer. Mesmerized by this encounter, Ippo decided to train in boxing. From this new love he has found for the sports, the boy sets out to challenge the whole globe and end up being a legend in boxing.
There are obviously a lot of light novel aimed at boys (or as they called – shounen light novel), there are not many of them can reach out of the realm of indulgence of testosterone, exaggerated battles or abs and muscles that last for pages. The legends such as Dragon Ball can pull off such stunts, but it is getting to old and boring now, for these light novels more than often do not have the desired depth.

Then, Hajime no Ippo comes along, with all the details any boy would be fascinated with when it is about fighting and sweating. The character design is exceptional, too. The battles here are especially intense, which the authors pay their time into painstakingly detailed pictures, realistic drops of sweat that can fall off the screen anytime, and the common scenes are filled with blood. However, with this harsh style of art, the light novel does not give off an exploitative feel, therefore, it is suitable for children age 13 and up, like the Heavenly Jewel Change series. The series also features some intense boxing scene with humors that bear more of an adult mind. The series shows off perfectly the harsh world of boxing while flipping the whole range of fighting shounen light novel that comes before it.

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