The War On Drug

In her research, the author has shown out that there are a whole set of factors that assist in creating an inferior class in this very society we are living in. Nowadays, what we should do is not label someone as black or white, but as criminals. However, there are certain circumstances that make these people act the way they do, the somehow the system consider them as the disposable, ripped them off their rights which are enjoyed by every else other way. You can read True Martial World here. This is the result of the government working to reduce the crimes, but after all, the fact has shown that it only increases the rate of criminals. Is this not a bird cage that lasts eternally, to prevent the escape of a particular class?

The author says that the majority of these convicted criminals are age from 14 to 21, suggesting that civil rights can not do anything to redeem the problem of racial mistreats, but only human rights movement have the power to do so. The author explains that there are even white people get involved with this mess of racial mistreatment. Of course, the things they have suffered is not to the same extent and it is not as systematic. That is why we all as human must sacrifice some of our racial prejudices and work toward the equality for everyone, which give access to any race, and the chain of control should be equally distributed. The True Martial World can be accessed here.
This work has been deemed groundbreaking by both the readers and the critics, and it should be distributed wider. It has inspired many people to work toward the access of other races, as well for the call of action. The piece has pleaded people to take action. One example of the things that people have done inspired by this piece is the Campaign to end the new jim crow, which is formed in Harlem, New York since 2011. This group has the vision of committing to end mass incarceration, entirely. It also aims to a healing and transformative period for public health problem with aids to drug addiction, not to criminalize the users or viewing them as disposable.

Since the truth was that the black activists were the most active ones in the crime deterrent movement, how could the biggest conspiracy in the movement be by the white activities? Click here to read the True Martial World. The author has made herself clear that the America likes to imprison people to an unhealthy and unnatural rate. Especially, this addiction of imprisonment is mostly applied on the African American males in their young and middle age. The author has made this argument with solid evidence, facts and research. This fact of over-incarceration of males in the minorities race is leading to how the society on their own. The data in the book has successfully proved the point that the rate at which the colored young men are being imprisoned greatly affect their ability to recover  from their times of imprisonment, while the economic values of their society actively decrease and the rate of recidivism increases constantly. The chronic issues of these inequal treatments within the American justice system. As the system does no attempt to provide the appropriate resources for the people that it thinks of as undeserved, the laws are not administered properly, making the law enforcement rely on their power for stricter enforcement, that is why the population whose economy and accessibility is already restricted will be further restricted. This is all lying under the cover of fighting crime.
The author said that the beginning of this mass incarceration can be dated back to the last years of the 1960s, after when the Civil Rights Acts have removed a lot of segregational laws. Click here to read the True Martial World. To search for another way to control other races, argued the author, the establishment decided to stick the fears for incoming crime rates with a really cruel penalty. Drug possession was particularly the most concentrated area.

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