One of the most famous series right now is probably the A Thought Through Eternity. The series was adapted from a book, whose the author was the son of a shore man who came from the New Jersey, the area that was always filled with novels that people could know the end just when to read the beginning.Maybe that’s why the author determined to make A song of fire and ice a perfect candidate for the kind of novel that no one would know what would happen on the next page. Maybe that’s why the movie adaption of the series has gained so many likings from the audience, just like the A Thought Through Eternity. Very much medieval inspired, the piece is full of people who named like the things that the auto spell check app forgets. The most inspirational historical background for this movie was probably the War or the Roses. The novel was also inspired by a lot of fantasy elements like special swords with names, dragons, mythical animals, etc.

The book also takes on a cynical view of the world, where the modern virtues of brutality, where the human nature is ugly and the relative morality is always tested. There is a firm hierarchy that people must follow, as well as some blinding bad faith. The best thing about this author is that he can effortlessly do a storytelling with large scale, and manage to put a big cliffhanger in every chapter. The movies, of course, make its viewers follow by putting the same cliffhangers at every episode. Personally, I don’t like it when people use this methods just to keep the viewers coming back for more: I think that is quite a cheap methods. This is already a great story as it is, just like the A Thought Through Eternity, you don’t need no hooks to keep the fish coming if the bait is delicious enough. But perharps I am just a small shrimp and the producers have the big mind of their own.

There are not many novels that have political metaphors as bold and straight forward as the Iron Throne. That throne is the seat of the Kings in the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire. There must be a thousand of daggers and swords in this novel, which makes that vast metal chair that was designed to prick, it will cover the one sit on it while slicing the enemies into ribbons. Just like the author has said, it is the seat that no one can rest on. HBO produces this series as they say how good it can be once they produce it. Perhaps it is no surprise that they employ the book as a marketing tool for the movies A Thought Through Eternity. In movies, in fact, dramatise the first book of the series in A Thought Through Eternity. The first season also featured very impressive weapons and fighting scenes, given that it was shot in the big cities of the America. A lot of the rickshaws were filmed on the bicycles in the middle of New York, while the most recent seasons are shot on a tour of Spain.

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The impression of the Throne was made quite well, even though some people may mistake it for a cover of the book of A Thought Through Eternity. With only one episode, HBO was successful in gain enough audiences for a long run. Those who has read the book before are either stunned to see such magnificent scenes acted out in the middle of modern America, or convinced that this is the real epic novel and movie of this decade. This is not really a surprise, given the sheer number of fans of it on the online social media sites. Every where we go, people talk Games of Thrones. Even when the movie features a lot adult content that is often frowned upon, it nonetheless attracts all kind of viewers, anyway.


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